Middle Management Roles: Described Like Never Before

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What is the job description of a software engineer? Software development. How much does it vary with the company? Very little. How about the job of a CEO? How much does it vary with the company? Very little.

How about middle management? It is lot more complex:

  • Many different titles and job descriptions.
  • Different job descriptions for same titles across companies and industries. Jobs very different than what the job descriptions say.
  • Organization culture would require different skills in different companies for the same job.

It is very hard to understand middle management roles without the larger context of the organization.

Role Descriptions – Current Methods

There are many books about how an organization should be structured. Also there is enough material about dos and don’ts. The issue is that everything is valid only in specific context. Outside that, most recommendations do not make complete sense. And there is no comprehensive picture. There are some case studies in forums like Harvard Business Review. But the context considers only limited roles and does not correlate with practical complexity. Also many of these are written by Management Gurus who have not been in technical hands roles to understand the issues on the ground.

The Result:

  • Application of right management models in wrong places.
  • Wrong investments.
  • Failed careers and organizations
  • Other disasters. Aggregated at country, region-level … recessions and other evils against the society.

More Effective Approach

Here we take specific example of a business and a company. We describe the roles in the organization to accomplish the business objectives. The scenarios, situations etc. Mapping everything to this grand case study would be more effective than discrete blogs. We are going to cover the standard roles and also the special roles designed for specific situations.

Comments on this approach?

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