Enter The Structure

What fascinates me about the organizations most is the structure. The formal one and the informal one too. Work environment depends on the structure and how organization treats it. Your mental peace, that of your family, work culture, innovation, execution and many more are contingent on this.

Many of us do not work upto their potential because we do not know how to deal with the structure. No, not due to persona, IQ, EQ, domain or business knowledge.

Love it, hate it, you can not avoid it. However virtual, lean, flat, small the organization, the org structure is there to stay. Even if you are a freelancer, you need to deal with structure. You need to know how to live with it. And live in it.

I have built teams from scratch. I have grown it to 35. I have seen the same grow beyond 100. High tech R&D teams. Every day of the journey, one thing that crosses the mind is how to structure it, how to check if it is working and when to restructure.

Once we understand the structure, we are good to go. We know how to work through it. How to bypass it, more importantly, how to structure our own teams.

Any reflections?

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