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TeamUp is AI driven SaaS solution to improve Corporate Behavioral Skills.  

How does MidManager TeamUp help in corporate skills?

It is a package of three things.

First, compact set of eLearning content that covers most important management and psychology models for corporate life. The models are explained with application into day to day life. It is also made compact so that you spend least amount of time with theory and can do more case study role plays.

Second, it is online practice of critical case studies. This is most important feature of TeamUp. Any course online or offline can only help you to get introduced to the topic. Skill development happens only by applying it and practicing. Most important day to day situations are designed as case studies. You could also customize the same in order to make it personal for you. It will help to get more involved while doing the practice. You can practice any number of times.

Third, automated analytics. It gives you personalized feedback on how well you did during casestudy roleplay. There are many reports that comes from TeamUp behavior analytics engine. It uses many advanced techniques like Machine Learning.

It helps in better quality of work environment for working professionals. Critical needs like interview preparation can be practiced.

If adopted at organization-level, it will improve productivity of agile teams, employee engagement, formal mentoring initiatives and can strengthen diversity initiatives.

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Behavior Analytics Platform

Behavior Analytics Platform and Consulting:
Behavior and emotional skill analytics is becoming increasingly important. Customer behavior analytics, psychology counselling, behavior training, organization cultural transformation are some of the domains requiring this. Technology has matured to the point where it can be used for practical solutions. Doing this requires advanced domain expertise in audio, video, text processing and machine learning expertise related to these. It also could involve building combination of both AI and non-AI solution.
We have been there and done that. We could adapt our technology for your needs as well as build specific analytics solution for you.

Organization Transformation Programs

Behavioral trainings and cultural transformation programs are critical needs of ever-changing work places facing talent shortage and alignment issues.

We understand the challenges and needs of all levels of organizations. We understand the specific needs of different roles. Understanding various functional roles and domains makes us unique in executing the transformation initiatives.