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Dear Fresh Graduates, No More Excuses.

Recent months had been hectic. I had been on a hiring spree for another startup which I cofounded. The focus areas of were multi-core high-end processors, BIOS and advanced device drivers. Obviously, there is a skill shortage. Like many other companies, we also hire fresh

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Only Management Advice You Ever Need

This was a viral cartoon in LinkedIn last year. It is self explanatory. Isn’t it? The only problem is that when you have employees, they look like this. There is diversity, yet they are similar. There are sides of people which you do not know

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Robotics Technical Block Diagram Architecture

Robotics: Relating It to Your Career

Hype around Robotics A lot is going on with robotics and robots. For sure, there is lot of hype too. The most important question you have not asked yourself is – what does this mean to you? As Gartner releases hype cycle, you will keep

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