Who We Are

MidManager is a brand of Manomaya AI Systems, a behavior analytics technology company.
Under MidManager brand, we provide special content, tech platform and AI solution for soft skill and leadership training in corporates.

What We Do

  • TeamUp - Patented AI driven SaaS solution to improve corporate skills
  • Behavior Analytics Platform and solutions
  • Organization behavioral training and cultural transformation programs

Why MidManager

We provide most effective training content, tech platform. Combined with AI solution, our organization is building technology never existed in the space. We also provide most effective consulting services for AI solutions and engineering domains.


Ownership at Work: Hidden Issues

Can you recognize ownership problem at work? Not coming to work, not spending enough time on assigned tasks. Careless people are easy to spot. Right? Not necessarily! Some of my team members seems to work hard. But to get results,

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