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About Ishwara Bhat

It is me – Ishwara Bhat. I have worked in USA and India. Visited and have done business with professionals across many countries – Japan, Korea, Australia, China, Vietnam, Hungary, India, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, USA, Canada.

I have led product R&D involving SW and HW end-to-end. I have worked for R&D and built teams, sustained businesses for Automotive (autonomous driving front camera sensor), smart building, IoT, smart homes, industrial automation, energy, wireless technology. Within software, I have hands-on experience in several programming languages, embedded systems, Microsoft technologies, networking, system engineering, solution architecture, Linux etc. I am doing consulting on machine learning, while driving a machine learning based technology development for my startup.

As business leader, I have built service business teams, hired hundreds of people, took care of people managements – salary decisions, appraisals, promotions, employee engagement etc.

I also had the hat of program manager where I led cross functional programs. I have been a PMP (PMI certified program manager) and agile (ACP) trained professional.


  • Looking back, it was great to receive technical excellence awards for our products/projects in Honeywell.
  • It is also a great feeling that the fire alarm system design I led, was commissioned in Burj Kaleefa – world’s tallest building.
  • Also when we created Wi-Fi based gas sensor where I brought in the mesh networking to the sensor.
  • When we see autonomous/assisted driving working on road, feel proud that I had a signficant role in bringing mono and stereo cameras out to the market.
  • The technical accomplishments came along with 3 patents too.
  • Apart from technical side, quite happy to have won new business accounts for engineering services and delivered by building teams from scratch.
  • While leading people, it gave immense satisfaction to see newbies grow in strength and move up. Many have stayed in touch. I have had great track record in retaining people.  

I have experimented quite a bit with job and career. Switched jobs, industries, roles and technologies. I have experimented with my persona, the way I deal with boss, peers and subordinates.

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