Marketing Director: Marketing Strategy For The Portfolio

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Marketing Director: What Is He Up To ?

The Portfolio

As marketing director, he takes care of video software products and services portfolio. In the video products portfolio, OVES will be the first cloud based service. Apart from this, he is responsible for marketing of video related tools and online services. The customers include both enterprise and retail customers.

Market Scenario

Market scenarios for video services business is very different than few years earlier. Giving too much for free to customers has spoiled customer behavior. The open source products and too many players have commoditized video products. On the other hand, cloud, in spite of all the hype, is yet to pick up as on 2013. The cloud hosting charges are too expensive compared to traditional web hosting. These put dual pressure on pricing and margins.

His Approach To Survive & Grow In the Market

The Marketing Director needs to come up with comprehensive plan on top line and bottom line growth.

He had supported the efforts of product manager in scoping OVES. He too agrees that cloud based service has great future. However he still is skeptical about the cloud adoption timeline and ability to get revenues and retain profit margins.  As per his suggestion, the cloud and related technical and business dynamics would be learnt through a feasibility study phase. Only then make aggressive push.

He is active in the industry forum. He is going to talk to major vendors and tries to run awareness campaign for paid services in video space. His view is that relying only on advertisement revenue with free service will not be good for both industry and consumers.

Inside the company, he is aggressively pushing R&D to reduce the costs. As per his market research, the competition is creating better products in shorter timeline with smaller budget. Due to this, R&D budget would reduce and R&D leadership needs to find ways of reducing costs.

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