Corporate Social Responsibility: 4 Definite Things You Can Do

Corporate Social Responsibility: 4 Definite Things You Can Do

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As I mentioned in earlier posts, the causes we believe may or may not really be the best things to do. It is just a hope that it is in right thing to do. It may have negative side effects. The society is driven in all directions by people who think that they are dragging the world in right direction. So, the bitter truth is – there is very less chance that your work actually helps the world. It may have negative effects as well.

So ? What is that absolutely helps some people, at least?

Here is the number 1 thing: Good products and services

Think about it. Your main job is in some business. This business is supposed to solve some problem of the society in some ways. Doing that itself properly is a big help.

Peter Drucker, the grand daddy of modern management said – Businesses exist to create products and services useful for the society. Improve skills to do the same. At least it will improve peace in your world. In doubt? You know that you are paid for doing it. Just do your duty.

Is that it?

No. There is something more.


2. Improve work productivity and give it to the loved ones

There is one problem that is increasing. That is the quality of life going down. The relationships, time for loved ones, stability of society… You name it. These are a bit worse than few years back.

Could you optimize the meetings and avoid unproductive tasks? Could you go home sooner? Could you let others also go home and spend time with loved ones? At least some kids will have better quality of life, just because of better office time management.

3. Reducing zero sum games

Bell curves. Many large organizations practice force fitting people on bell curve during performance evaluations. i.e. some are forcefully marked below standards. And we ‘mentor’ them to believe that they are substandard. Could we make the performance management as human as possible?

Improving this will reduce stress at work and better life for so many families.

4. Free speech with responsibility

In teams, one of the easy ways to spoil environment is inappropriate loose talks. The outrageous & unnecessary grapevine and rude confrontations.

Outside society can not be controlled. But maintaining better workplace environment seems lot easier.

Perhaps these are the easier things you can do regarding community service. And, the most difficult one too?

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