That Little Voice Says.. Action is better than Words. It is Killing.

Action speaks louder than words

We have been told – ‘action speaks louder than words’. We all know it is true.

But, for some of us – including me, this has got into the head little differently. ‘No words. Only action’.

Every time you want to communicate with power, that little voice in the brain says –  “No words. Only action. Only hard work.”

You may be among these people. Or possibly, you have seen someone in your teams like this.


Troubles are easy to notice:

1. You can not project your accomplishments. Talking, or even the very thoughts about talking in a group causes stress.

2. You can not talk with conviction. There are lot of times, mere talking is not enough. Talking with confidence and stealing the show are very important to drive the teams.

Without this strength, it takes lot more energy to get things done from large teams. If you have led teams with even 10-20 people, it is easy to appreciate.

3. Your role demands that words are action.

Your role needs you to communicate and drive organization initiatives. It may be new process initiatives, people initiatives or any other initiative.

You might not be convinced about these initiatives yourself. But the job is to ensure that people below get the communication and execute the initiatives.

This is among the most stressful tasks.

Some of the initiates do not make sense to begin with. Over period of time, things fall in place. If you have messed up the words because you are too brainy.. well. Failure is written on stone.

The costs to the organization are also easy to notice:

1. Imagine – You have two candidates for management rank from individual contributor role – a member who is good at execution but does not talk. Another one who talks, but weak on execution. Most likely that the talker moves up. Without being good with words, it is hard to survive even a day.

If the executor could talk equally well, it is the best choice….Hmm. Rare species.

2. Only talkers without understanding of the actual work details would mess up gradually and unknowingly without anyone realizing it.

The Survival Guide?

1. If you have such execution guys who do not talk, do not lose hope. Believe that it is possible to bring significant changes in talking.

Get deeper and see if such beliefs are underneath the personality. Once such member realizes it, she can definitely work on. Once the fundamental value is corrected, she is ready subconsciously for working on herself in this aspect.

This is one of the common challenges for technically oriented people. I have a post here about it.

2. Suggest forums like Toastmasters Club. Definitely they help.

But step-1 is critical. I got into Toastmaster and picked up skills. But the mental block against talking held me back for quite a while. While there is still lot to do, it is much better now.

With this you can develop people with decent balance of words and action. Also, if somebody moved your cheese, probably you are in this yourself.

Consider these and give a try.


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