The middle management affects 3 billion people worldwide. This is an attempt to make middle management healthy and peaceful.


What Is Middle Management

There is no specific boundary of middle management layer. It spans from first level manager till the level below top management, which is exposed to external world through media. Even the large organizations have about 8 levels in hierarchy. The levels 4-7 most likely to fit into middle management.

It is dark world. Top management is exposed to the public. Work of junior staff who make execute are known through their work -i.e. products and services known to public. The machinery which makes this happen is middle management remains unseen. Yet, the middle management is the crucial element which makes the company tick.

The roles at middle management overlap a lot. Very common to see people switch between technical, management and in-between roles. Most middle managers are likely to retire at the same level. Hence the rivalry, politics and friendships co-exist.

75% of the management professionals are in this category. Consider that Manager-to-Employee ratio varies from 2-3% (manufacturing)  to 9-10%  (R&D environment). At least 3 billion people are employed in structured organizations globally. The same middle management has the direct impact on the mental peace of this huge population.

The Mission

Because we can make the world a better place to live. Better career, better life for the middle management. This gets cascaded to the next level and further to world at large.Middle-Management-Mission

This is the place to find such ideas.  If any post is not helping to do that, it won’t be here.

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