MidManager TeamUp FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What is TeamUp?

It is an online learning solution that contains both theory content and online practice. Online practice has case studies which you face everyday at work. TeamUp analyzes the audio and video of the case study performance and helps you with analysis and insights.

But online automated feedback is not the best way for learning behavioral skills.

Yes. Personal coaching is the best way. However when it is not possible to do, currently eLearning with videos and quiz are used. These are used for large scale, for example for team members.

TeamUp solution improves it further to (a) automated feedback when no one is available to give feedback (b) Human coach also can join the online session to observe and give online and offline feedback through the system. (c) The delivery of the couse can also be in mixed mode. For one customer, TeamUp did mixture of offline content study, online roleplay with and without human mentor and a weekly live discussion.

Who is going to benefit from TeamUp service?

The solution is primarily targeted for entry level upto manager – level. For this segment, most organizations arrange some limited courses. However there are not many comprehensive programs that address their day to day issues in dealing with various practical situations. It may also benefit manager and above, since the insights for various situations are same irrespective of the level.

There are many soft skills e-learning courses online. What is unique about MidManager TeamUp?

TeamUp service is very unique in so many ways. The service bundles training content with online practices. The line practice data is analyzed by multiple AI systems. The training content itself is done specifically considering work situations and hand picking the right management concepts, mapping them and demonstrating how to apply to day-to-day situations. The content is made as crisp as possible to accommodate busy schedules. It also focuses on less number of concepts and more on putting these to practice. The way practice is designed, the analytics and how it is directed back to learning needs – is all unique.

5 patents filed on TeamUp solution !

What kind of analysis does MidManager TeamUp provide?

The service involves you doing the role play as per our case studies. It gives insights on your behavior appropriate for various situations. It also has training which help to deal with the improvement areas. Currently these are based on speech and context of the case study and some of the professional details of the user known to TeamUp service.
There are several situations involving dealing with self, peers, supervisors and customers.

How accurate is the analysis provided by TeamUp?

We have done extensive testing with people who are working in different global companies. The users were from different age and experience groups. These are predominantly from knowledge based industries. From the results, it is quite accurate. However, there is always scope for improvement. TeamUp service provides ways for you to provide feedback, should you find wrong analysis. This will help to improve the service. Being AI-driven system, this will always keep improvising.

Does TeamUP provide psychometric tests like Briggs-Meyers Personality Type tests?

TeamUp focuses on improving how you respond to situations better. Hence the psychometric tests will be more effective after practicing with TeamUp.

Psycho-metric tests have survey questionnaires which seek answers on how you react to situations. One issue with psycho-metric tests is that users get different reports when they try at different times. This is because the users give different responses in different times to same scenarios in the tests. TeamUp helps you to be more aware of yourself. Hence if you take such tests after using TeamUp, these are going to be more reliable. Further, over time, you are likely to respond differently. Hence the personality types could appear different after using TeamUp.

My organization has arranged for some soft skill training. I want to focus on gaining technical skills. Why should I use what TeamUp offers?

We just want to point out that – career spans across several decades. Whatever the habits developed from early days will last very long. Many organizations go to great lengths to support employees. However, when you directly take control of your career and destiny, results are far more effective.

I am more inclined towards technical roles. I do not see why I need management skills.

All roles require both soft skills and technical skills. Many technical roles need lot more corporate skills than management roles. The specifics of the skills depend upon situation, role and how your contribution is measured. TeamUp service targets many scenarios that impact your day to day work life. The topics relevant for technical roles are primarily focused.

Is TeamUp service focusing on any specific target industry ?

Yes. It is primarily for tech and knowledge based industries. All case studies and content consider tech and engineering R&D companies. Having said this, it is easily relatable to modern organizations in other industries.

Beyond the ideal users, is there any benefit for other users?

The solution is primarily targeted for entry level up to manager level. This level needs lot of competency in managing self, managing relationship with peers and supervisors. For this segment, most organizations arrange some limited courses. However there are not many comprehensive programs that address their day to day issues in dealing with various practical situations. It may also benefit manager and above levels, since the insights for various situations are same irrespective of the level.

TeamUp uses AI. What about privacy? Who owns the data?

Yes. TeamUp uses machine learning and AI systems. That’s how we will keep improving the feedback and insights. User has complete control over the data. Privacy policy has the details.

How secure is TeamUp service?

TeamUp uses state of the art IT security principles and practices. The solution is on HTTPS. The data and services are protected by TLS 2.0 and Oauth 2.0. There is appropriate level of security and privileges for your data and your experience.

Are there any preferred browsers?

The service is tested on Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Edge.

What is the target device? Does it work on mobile?

Recommended device is laptop WITHOUT VPN. If you are using office laptop, it is likely that it goes through firewall of the organization. It may block video/audio streaming inside TeamUp.

With mobile, it works. Use landscape mode especially for online practice session.

How to enable the camera and microphone in the browser?

Yes. For the best results, you need to enable microphone and camera permissions for TeamUp. 

In Chrome, click the site security icon. It will bring up settings menu.


Inside the menu, there are settings for microphone, camera and others. Make these either allow or prompt.

Likewise, other browsers have similar settings with slightly different UI.