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Simple IoT/Embedded Project Idea - ARM based board and dust sensor for home use


1. Learning embedded development

Project Objective: House has dust particles and it keeps varying. You want to create a dust sensor which displays value. Then depending upon the levels (which can be decided layer), the hooter shall be turned on. It shall be done in specific patterns to indicate the alarm level.

Suggested infrastructure:

1. Take PIC microcontroller kit or Atmel kit (Low end)

2. Dust sensor with PWM interface outside the kit. (external sensor)

Take PIC microcontroller kit or Atmel kit which is  a self contained kit. You might have everything you require there including peripherals. But take a sensor with a practical use such as Dust sensor with PWM interface outside the kit.  You might see unforeseen problems which may not come if you work only within the kit accessories.

Make the dust sensor work and display the value on connected display. You will learn a lot.

While doing this, study the ARM development manuals on deeper issues. You will learn only while you are stuck.

Higher-end kit:

If you have done some basic work with simple kits, then go for this Atmel kit. This is 32-bit controller and can do more. With 32-but usually you will have embedded Linux with ARM. These are hot skills to work for.

With higher power, you could send sensor data over Wi-Fi for example. You could also build end-to-end IoT project by taking the data from here.

If you request for support here whenever you are totally lost, I can guide.

If the instruction is too cryptic here, please let me know. I can expand the description.


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