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Is Interior Designer a bad career choice?


As someone with consulting, I get surprised with this question. Interior design is part of construction and real estate business. It is a huge business. Often builders take lot of risk while interior designer is in right place. There is scope for creativity and business value. Also with many years in business there is really good potential to make it big. There are people I know who started career at same time as me, but they grow faster and more steadily because interior designer is in business during first time furnishing and also later when people want a change.

I gave away my contract after talking to the interior designer, not to the marketing person of the vendor.

One major thing that sets apart is the persona and the ability to sell technically. i.e not just being a good designer, but also having business sense and technical selling mindset is crucial.

So generally for everyone to make it big, here is what I recommend apart from core skills of the job:

For your employer you too can generate sales leads. Over years this could lead to your own business. I suggest you to do this. You can build your career on this over the years.


At the least you need to be very aware of your personal brand and be conscious of your online brand.

If you have option to be interior designer, go for it.




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