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How is game development as career for engineering graduates?


Game development has both good and bad sides. As a skill, it is useful in (a) Game development (b) Gamification areas like gamified learning in diverse domains like school education, product training. (c) advertisements

Game development has 3 kinds of skills (a)Game development (b) Artist work (c) Digital marketing - Game publishing

Game development has low entry barrier to both enter the market as developer and also to setup own company(studio). This is good because people struggle in core software domains. It is very difficult to be on your own. You need to work for someone else. I have interacted with small game companies and of course, I have been in software companies. The work environment in game development is way better. It is due to the very nature of small teams, there is low entry barrier to be on your own. So, no manager can be nasty like in software companies.

As mentioned earlier, due to the lower entry barrier, the salary may not be as high as software engineers. But  as game developer grows in experience, in areas like multiplayer games, it needs software expertise too. There is always scarcity of good skills in any domain.

What we covered above is just the game development part.

If you consider artist role, in 3D assets creation, the computer graphics or engineering drawing skills come in handy. So mechanical and civil engineers learning these tools also will provide interesting options.

Beyond game / entertainment industry, the domains like smart cities, 3D printing, automated factories (Industry 4.0) etc. also have lot of needs emerging.




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