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Fresher Resume : Engineering Graduates Resume : Basic Checklist


1. Have you put any meaningful accomplishments which demonstrate either the technical skill / inclination or soft skills ?

2. Internships - This one looks easy. But,

a. Have you put the business goal, technical goal and your accomplishments in that?

b. Have you thought about how that experience has taught you? Could you explain one accomplishment, one mistake, one major debugging challenge you faced and learnt from it?

c. One people skill you learnt from it?

Most candidates just seem to flash a certificate. But on deeper questioning of the above, they do not have much insights to give. Some of these thoughts in resume would help.

3. Learnt any technical skill on your own and produced any result? You could look at the article

4. Extra-curricular accomplishments: (Other than watching movie, being on internet).

a.  Anything like indoor (writing article on some media, your youtube channel)? or any contribution to environment or community initiative?

b. Or outdoor activity (Mountaineering club or Scout or local sports event accomplishments?

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